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Uwell Rafale X build?


So.. I’ve looked and I haven’t found a reliable build guide. I sorta understand how the neutral post stuff works I’m just at a loss on what to build onto this thing. I’m new to the while rda thing and I got this because it was cheap and if I don’t like it I’m only out $10.

Any help is appreciated you guys.

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Nolli Designs Billet Box Key Drip Tip Review


I purchased this and had no intention of reviewing it but I liked it so much that I felt I had to share my experiences with you all.




Overall build quality is EXCELLENT! The material used is quite dense and the tip is heavier than it appears giving it the feel of a quality product in hand. The tip has a wide inner diameter which makes the draw silky smooth without sacrificing the thickness of the outer wall. One of the gripes that I have with other drip tips I’ve used on the Billet Box is that if the inner diameter of the tip is wide then the outer walls are thin which makes the tip feel flimsy and when the outer walls are thick then the diameter of the hole is smaller making the draw tighter. I feel like goldilocks looking for a bed and Nolli made it for me. The design allows it to slot seamlessly into the nut on the top of the Billet Box allowing you to swap tanks without having to find a screwdriver. It sits flush and stays put. When you want to, it’s easy to remove. The tolerances are perfect.


Price. $26 bucks plus shipping is the most I’ve ever spent on a drip tip. It’s often backordered and I think it took about two weeks to arrive. Now for the big con, which does nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the drip tip. The finishing on the bottom was not as finely done as it was on the rest of the tip (see pictures). While it is on a part of the drip that will never see the light of day, it seemed pretty incongruous to the care and attention paid to every other aspect of the design and finishing. There was some extra material left on the bottom from what seemed like the milling process. It fell off after taking the tip off and putting it on a few times.


I love this thing and am likely going to order another for my second Billet Box and will probably buy another few for my brother. By far the best drip tip I’ve ever used, great draw, multipurpose, and beautiful. Well worth double what I paid for it in terms of the pleasure I get out of looking at and using it.


I reached out to the folks at Nolli Designs on Facebook before posting this to check if perhaps I got a drip tip that slipped past QC. Kyle, the owner, was immediately responsive and though my tip wasn’t outside of their normal expectations, they were very accommodating to my questions. They even gave me a promo code to share with everyone here. Use the code OVERMELHO10% for 10% off. Here is the link to the drip tip: https://www.nollidesigns.com/products/billet-box-key?variant=38508400142

I was also inspired to do this because of my favorite YouTube vape reviewer, Jai Haze, https://www.youtube.com/user/vapel1fe Check his stuff out he’s knowledgeable, hilarious, and unafraid to be himself and share his true opinions.

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Squid Industries Double Barrel 2.1 First Impressions


I’ve had my black Double Barrel 2.1 for a couple days now and felt like sharing my impressions. It usually takes me at least two weeks to form a solid opinion on any device, so I’m just going to stick with the objective data points for now.

It came packaged in a simple black cardboard box with foam padding. Included are a multilingual instruction manual and a baggie containing 2 thin plastic washer-like atomizer spacers.

The chipset it uses is fairly simple, supporting only wattage mode, and delivering up to 150 watts. According to Eric Buss, the creator, it uses a step down regulator, so the voltage it’s capable of delivering is whatever your batteries can provide.

I started seeing Low Power messages on the display when my batteries reached about 3.5 volts, so the cutoff is probably somewhere around 3.2-3.4 or so. Battery life seemed comparable to or a bit better than that of my Therion 166, and noticeably better than my Battlestar.

Power delivery seems very quick and on par with my Battlestar. Power adjustment is done with a clicky wheel that doubles as the fire button. Each click while turning adjusts by one watt. To lock or unlock the power level, click the fire button four times.

Three clicks flips the display orientation. Five clicks turns the device on or off. That’s it, nice and simple. The button has a satisfying clickiness and tactile feel to it.

Fit and finish are good. It’s a very simple, no-frills design. It doesn’t look or feel cheap in the hand. The only embellishments are an engraved "SQUID INDUSTRIES" down the front tube, and some engraved stars and the number 12 around the 510 connection and on the firing button. I have no idea what the stars and 12 signify at this time, but I’ll happily take them over snaggletoothed skulls and other similarly juvenile embellishments.

It’s a very compact mod. It’s about the same height as a Therion, but other than that, it’s not much larger than a pair of 18650s, and palms very nicely.

Venting is more than ample, there’s a large cutaway slot between both tubes, plus the battery door adds extra ventilation to the bottom.

I don’t like the battery door at all, it’s the weakest part of the entire design. It just slides in, and is held in place partially by friction and partially by a pair of tiny, very weak magnets. There’s no satisfying click, no real retention mechanism, and it’s constantly backing out on me slightly over the course of the day. It really needs some sort of spring loaded retention tab just for peace of mind, and I think Squid should address this with the next revision.

24mm atomizers fit perfectly flush. The 0.5mm overhang from my 25mm Kennedy Trickster is almost unnoticeable unless I look for it at certain angles. 26mm and up, shit starts looking downright comical. 22mm atomizers look OK.

Atomizers with shorter 510 pins seat flush to the deck, but long 510 pins will leave a gap. My Kennedy Trickster 25 leaves a gap of almost a millimeter when screwed down, so I have to use the plastic spacers with it.

It’s too early for me to say whether or not it’s a great mod. I like the way it looks and enjoy using it, but the battery door pisses me off a bit, and I think fixing that should be a priority for the next iteration.

I’ll have more thoughts to share after I’ve spent more time with it.

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Coil ?s


Hey guys new to the site. Fairly new at making my own coils. Done it a few times and now getting intricate and tougher coils. My question is how do i figure out my ohms on a new build. I have the vape tool calc. And steam engine. But they have the basic coils and basic tougher ones( alien stagered fused ect.) I wana take two or three dif coils and combine it into a single coil example. Fused clapton with the center pulled out and a twisted parallel outer core… Can i roughly figure out ohms…

Coil ?s



I’m looking to try some new e-juice and I currently am using either Sinking Ship’s Lost Soul and Moku Oyatsu’s White Gummi. So my question is what is everybody else’s favorite e-juice or suggestions? I generally go for fruity flavors.

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What is this inside of my mod?


I went and bought new batteries for my mod. When i Pulled the old ones out I found multiple black streaks inside of my mod. I tried wiping it out with a couple of q tips but that did nothing other than make the streak bigger and left a small tint of orange on the q tip. What is this? Possibly Corrosion? Link http://imgur.com/OsEWzXr

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Question regarding Clone Sherman RTA.


Does the bubble glass fit, anybody know?

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Mixing juices- are you doing it?


I’ve started to mix juices in my tank when re-filling, a friend of mine makes some DIY so I picked up this habit from her. I have some liquids which has a crappy nic in it (it could be harsh to my throat sometimes, but maybe because they are 6mg and I pretty much always vape 3mg nowadays) so I tend to mix them with complementary juices. That way, flavors get mixed, I pick more refined flavors and this dilutes the overall nic levels as well (other juices are 2mg and 3mg). I find that it is really enjoyable this way. I have never tired of vaping since mixing, I usually used to get bored and stuffed when vaping juices that are not ADV.

Do you mix your juices as well?

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Weird Color In Tank – SMOK Alien, Baby T-8


I switched the Atomizer on my SMOK Alien two days back and have been hitting this clear. While vaping on my break today, I noticed a weird brown color at the bottom of my tank and when I take longer hits(usually 3-4.5 seconds), I get a burning flavor. Haven’t had this happen with anything in the past. Anybody know what’s up?

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hey, guys. Are there any blue Dot discount codes at the moment?


I’m about to place an order, so I thought I would ask. I didn’t see anything other than the standard 10% off.

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